Botox Treatments

Learn more about botox, dermal fillers, and collagen injections.

At Dreamers, we are very pleased to offer fillers and botox.

Chris Hames is the owner and operator of Skincare on Allendale.

She is a registered nurse and has more than 20 years of nursing experience. Chris has worked in the dermatology and appearance medicine industry for over 8 years and is a highly certified practitioner.

Chris is currently a senior clinical trainer at NZ Laser Training and is a well-renown clinical expert in this field.


Christine is passionate about obtaining natural, undetectable results and dedicated to offering the very best service and outcomes for her clients.

Phone or email us for any questions you have regarding injectables and appearance medicine.


Christine Hames Botox Katikati Dreamers


With advanced treatments like these, it is important to have the correct treatment for you individual skin type, condition, and your own personal beauty goals.  Our local expert Suzanne Bullivant with over 35 years experience would be happy to explain the pros and cons of all your advanced skin care treatment options.

If you’d like to book appointment online – click here.

Beautician Suzanne Buillivant Katikati